Zéphyr Solar
Self-powered aerial platform

Bring telecommunication and aerial observation to isolated or difficult to access sites.

The solution

The helium balloon

It deploys quickly, without ground infrastructure and allows nomadic use. The height gain increases the coverage area of the embedded feature under the balloon.

The holding cable

Doté d’un treuil électrique facilite
le contrôle de la hauteur

Ultralight Solar Panels

Dimensioned on measure to guarantee the autonomy of your sensor.

onboard features & battery

We can also integrate your techno according to your needs.

Our team and our commitments

Zéphyr Solar is part of the french social and solidarity economy, its mission is to reconnect isolated sites to the network.

We designed our balloon to facilitate emergency aid by providing a quick connectivity response. We also develop other aerial services that support the activity on ephemeral events or isolated sites.

With our activity we have 3 impact objectives :
• a positive societal impact, by making the emergency services more fluid,
• a significant environmental impact, by proposing a clean solution and by contributing to the monitoring of biodiversity,
• a financial impact, by reducing the need for infrastructure.

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